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Data Visualization and Demo

As mentioned previously, my goal wasn’t to just create a home controller/dashboard but to also collect as much data as possible while doing so.  So tonight, I started playing around with a few different visualizations of the data I’ve collected thus far.  It took a few hours but I’m satisfied with the current state.
I’m doing simple dumps of the most recent music played by my Amazon Echo; most recent programming watched via DirecTv; visualizing the daily average, minimum, and maximum temperature and humidity levels in my apartment; visualizing by hour of day the average, min, and max temperature for the current month vs the previous month; breaking down the amount of time I spend at home by day of week (and telling on myself that I like to leave work early on Fridays :)); and visualizing my TV watching habits by hour of day and day of week.
I recorded a video of this all and also included the DirecTv control demo at the end.



  1. eriecableguy eriecableguy October 8, 2016

    What exactly is running on the pi? I’ve been dabbling in Home Assistant, but I am ignorant to the code and yaml files. I seriously did a LOT of youtube watching and trying, but its simply too much for me. I don’t know how U came across your blog, but I want EXACTLY what you have going on here. I seriously wish you could mentor me. Id PAY you to do my code lmao. I have a pi2, samsung smarthub, LIFX bulb, several tablet if like to use as frontends, directv dvr’s, IPcams, and want to expand!!

      • mozunk mozunk October 8, 2016

        Thanks – I’m glad you like my project. If you have specific questions, I can try to help. Most of the project is documented at a high level and without much detail in earlier posts. This will give you a general idea of how it all works.
        I tried openhab but ditched it shortly after setting it up – I found it too clunky and overly cumbersome for the flexibility I desired. I couldn’t get the dashboard UI, data collection, and all-in-one experience I desired through OpenHab (or any of the other similar options I saw). So I decided to start from scratch and build custom.
        The Pi is running apache with mysql and all of the sensors use python or php to engiage WiringPi ( for GPIO work or product APIs (documented in earlier posts for Wink Hub and SHEF). From there, the Pi pretty much functions as a dedicated server handling API calls and running a few cron jobs.

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