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Month: October 2016

Data Visualization and Demo

As mentioned previously, my goal wasn’t to just create a home controller/dashboard but to also collect as much data as possible while doing so.  So tonight, I started playing around with a few different visualizations of the data I’ve collected thus far.  It took a few hours but I’m satisfied with the current state. I’m doing simple dumps of the most recent music played by my Amazon Echo; most recent programming watched via DirecTv; visualizing the daily average, minimum, and maximum temperature and humidity levels in my apartment; visualizing by hour of day the average, min, and max temperature for the current month vs the previous month; breaking down the amount of time I spend at home by day of week (and telling on myself that I like to leave work early on Fridays :)); and visualizing my TV watching habits by hour of day and day of week. I recorded a video of this all and also included the DirecTv control demo at the end.

Home Automation and NFC Tags

NFC has proven to be a pretty useless technology for cell phones (unless you’re one of the people who use you Google Wallet/Apple Pay).  Nevertheless, I decided to buy some tags and play with them because they’re so damn cheap (just over a dollar each, depending on the type). One useful application of NFC tags is setting “scenes” using my existing home automation setup.  By setting a tag where I usually place my phone at night, I can trigger several events all at once.  When I play my phone on my nightstand, the following events are triggered: If it’s a weekday, set my alarm for 7:00 AM. If an alarm was set, the phone will adjust its volume and say “Alarm set to 7 AM”. Using the same text to speech, the phone will say “Goodnight, Kevin.” After pausing for a few seconds, it’ll POST to a simple script I wrote  and turn all the lights in the apartment off before setting it’s volume to mute for the remainder of the night. It’s a simple way of automating my night time routine and is likely the most practical use of NFC tags with home automation (and it’s not super practical, at that).  If you…