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Category: Location to HTTP

Location to HTTP – Send GPS data to remote script

I wanted to capture my phone’s location information and store it remotely (on my server) so I could do with it as I please. ¬†Most of the apps I found were severely limited in that they only mapped within the app, were riddled with ads, crashed frequently, or were untrustworthy (they’re storing my location, after all).¬† So, I decided to build my own app that did what I wanted. Location to HTTP Location to HTTP is an app I’m working on which allows users to input a remote script URL to capture a device’s location information via POST. How it works Create a remote script to capture the variables $lat and $lon via POST (example below). Download the app and enter the URL of that script. The app will automatically send the location information every 5-10 minutes to the script. Possible Uses Track your phone’s location so you can retrace your steps if you lose it. Store your location history for displaying in custom interfaces. Share your location with friends/family when travelling or hiking. Trigger home automation events based on your location (turn on the heat, turn on the lights, unlock the doors, feed the pets, water the plants, etc.).…