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Month: August 2016

Home Dashboard using a Raspberry Pi

After creating a desktop home automation dashboard and, later, a live stream “digital picture frame”, I got the idea to combine the two into an always-on control panel that condenses everything I care about into a single kiosk which can sit on my end table or nightstand. What it does It’s essentially a condensed UI of the desktop version linked above which uses the same databases and processes. Current indoor temperature and humidity (via DHT11 sensor) If my Amazon Echo is playing music, it’ll display the artist, song, and album If I’m watching TV, it’ll show the title, channel, and image/movie poster Display unique icons for each person in the house (by sniffing for their phone’s bluetooth signal) It’ll show the status of my lights (on/off) and update if that status changes (using the Wink API) Through touch screen, allow me to control my lights in near real-time. Materials Used A Pi3 Pi display A case Indirectly, I also engage my Wink Hub, Amazon Echo, and DirecTv receiver. How it works Much of this (temperature, humidty, DirecTv and Wink control) is covered in “The Foundation” post.  Specific to collecting information from the Amazon Echo, I use IfTTT and the Maker channel.  Each time my…