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Weekend Enthusiast Posts

The Foundation

Purpose Let’s just get it out of the way now — there’s no true practical purpose or value in doing this.  I took this on as an experiment and opportunity to learn something new. What is it? Using a Raspberry Pi, some sensors, and a lot of Googling with trial and error, I took my first step into custom home automation (Wikipedia).  I can control lights, DirecTv receivers, some appliances, measure indoor temperature and humidity, determine who is home, and view indoor/outdoor webcams through a single UI. Materials and Cost Raspberry Pi 2 – $38 GE Link A19 Bulbs x7 – $11 ea USB Bluetooth Dongle – $9 DHT11 Sensor – $5 RPI Camera – $23 Some jumper cables – $3 Screenshots   Control Lighting Control Each tailed light uses a GE Link bulb which is connected to a Wink hub.  This allows for on/off control, dimming control, on/off scheduling, and dimming scheduling (such as gradual increases in brightness in the mornings).  Wink comes with a nice app but I opted to use their API so I could incorporate it into the custom UI/dashboard along with everything else. Cameras I’m using an old D-Link camera to gain outdoor views and…